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…a one-stop creative production shop. From primordial creative development through to all stages of production. We help your brand find its voice, then amplify it to have meaningful conversations with your audience. Beautifully crafted content with real stopping power.



We work with top shelf copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, animators, directors and cinematographers to deliver fresh, innovative thinking and visually mesmerizing content. Clients work directly with their lead creative talent, so nothing is lost in translation. From primordial brief development to expanding existing campaigns across new platforms, we put the best brains on the job.


We handle all stages of production across video, photography, design and print. We approach production from a creative perspective and ensure the same people are involved from initial creative through final delivery, keeping a focus on quality. We streamline production as much as possible to stay fast and agile.

Premium & Luxury

Whatever our medium, we’re always design led. Viewing everything with a seasoned art director's eye, we understand the aesthetics of premium and luxury brands. We eat sleep and breathe your brand to ensure your product design and philosophy lives throughout all your content.


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We streamline the process to ensure as much budget as possible goes on the screen. Clients work directly with creative talent. No waste. Nothing lost in translation.


We’re not about disposable social fodder, fluffy marketing lingo or meaningless analytics. We use a healthy balance of data informed creative strategy and talented human minds to deliver clear and effective branded content that truly connects with its audience.


Capture your brand in exotic locations without the carbon footprint. We have access to high-end virtual production facilities meaning we can create any environment. From sunset in the Maldives to fully abstract fantasy worlds, if we can imagine a place, we can shoot there, without leaving our studio. Unlimited, controllable environments.




Chris started his career…

…as an ad man, working at London’s top London creative agencies, collaborating with top photographers, illustrators and directors to create high quality content for some of the world's biggest brands. Through his career Chris has been an accomplished creative, art director, writer and film director, making him a powerful brand storyteller. Chris founded Top Shelf through his love of beverage brands, their high aesthetic, product design and unique brand stories.

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For 15 years…

…Geraldine has worked across broadcast, commercials, branded content, and even feature films. Starting out in broadcast, she worked with ITN, ITV, C4, C5, coordinating crewing for national live broadcasts as well as coverage for major national events such as the 2012 Olympics, the royal weddings, and the Queen’s Jubilee. Geraldine has produced award-winning branded content for a diverse range of clients across retail, finance, fashion, health and wellness, and charities, including well-known consumer brands such as Amazon, Bayer, Costa, Elvie, HSBC, L’Oreal, Nike, Marie Claire, Meta, and Tripadvisor. She is passionate about production in all its forms.

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